Olive & Bean

Olive & Bean

Olive & Bean makes premium quality baby moccasins. Parents love that our leather is soft, just like your little ones feet, yet durable enough to offer protection. 

In addition to great quality, Olive & Bean prides itself on making creative designs that make you want to say "oh that's so cute!" From our character inspired designs to sports or anything in between, there's plenty of love.

Olive & Bean was founded by a mom, for moms. You might call it a necessary accident. Our founder, a single mom, was asked to make leather moccasins by a friend... she figure it out. Fast forward to today, we've certainly figured it out and are making moms and dads all over the United States happy with our designs. 

If you're looking for premium quality baby moccasins made in the USA, Olive & Bean has you covered.

The Sizing Chart
Moccasin Sizing Chart
Size Approximate Age Length in Inches
0 0-3 Months 3.5"
1 3-6 Months 4"
2 6-12 Months 4.5"
3 12-18 Months 5"
4 18-24 Months 5.5"
5 2-3 Years Old 6"
6 3-4 Years Old 6.5"