IPA Lot Onesie

Size Guide
Heather Grey

If you are still trying to figure out why we put IPA and the word lot on a onesie, share this with a friend so they can let you in on the joke. :) And then feel free to laugh once you get it.

Printed on baby conscious cotton with handy buttons on the bottom for easy access.

The Sizing Chart
Moccasin Sizing Chart
Size Approximate Age Length in Inches
0 0-3 Months 3.5"
1 3-6 Months 4"
2 6-12 Months 4.5"
3 12-18 Months 5"
4 18-24 Months 5.5"
5 2-3 Years Old 6"
6 3-4 Years Old 6.5"